Our Vision for Waynesburg, PA

Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, Waynesburg shall become the classic model of the time-honored College-Town/County Seat. Building upon its traditional small town design and lifestyles, the Waynesburg central business district shall provide a balanced selection of shopping opportunities applicable to the central business district and governmental center of Greene County. A new emphasis on visitor readiness, with linkages to countrywide events will be an increasingly important part of the downtown economy.

•  As a college town, Waynesburg will be a center of higher education for those seeking a meaningful and enjoyable college experience within an environment of stewardship. The college-borough relationship will be based on the principle of connecting the campus to the downtown through friendly, accessible pedestrian linkages.

•  As a local cultural venue, Waynesburg will build upon the historic character of its main street to create an area where the traditional crafts of the local county lifestyle, the interpretation of the region’s coal heritage, and the progressive arts of a college town combine to create a vibrant and enjoyable experience for resident, worker, student and visitor alike

•  As a county seat, Waynesburg will fulfill its role of making available the space necessary to meet the operational requirements of Greene County government, including both professional and social services in locations appropriate for the maintenance of a vital and active business district.

•  As a local shopping district, downtown Waynesburg shall provide an array of convenience retail and personal services in accordance with the needs of its residents and those in surrounding communities.

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